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Roborock H6 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Price and Features in Dubai UAE

December 16 2020

Roborock H6 Adapt Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner is incredibly light and manoeuvrable, weighing in at only 1.4kgs, making the hardest of spots easy to reach. Packed with a five-part, completely washable air filtration system and an informative OLED screen, vacuuming has never been easier. Lightweight and ergonomic, this cordless vacuum cleaner is very practical to use. It is wireless and lightweight with the intention of being easy to use and clean. The design and tube also make it useful for cleaning everything from roofs to carpets. Its accessories kit, included in the package, makes the H6 a very complete vacuum cleaner and allows you to use it on any surface, in your house, or, for example in your car.

The RoboRock hangs neatly on the provided wall charger, and its included accessories clip in alongside it for easy access. Installation of the wall charging station is easy, and just requires a couple of screws to attach it to a stud or into drywall with the provided wall anchors. The accessories attach to the vacuum with a quick and confident click, and definitely won’t come loose during usage.

The vacuum’s main section has a nice OLED display which tells you how much battery charge is left, not just in percentage, but in estimated run time based on the current mode. Simply squeeze the trigger on the handle to start up the vacuum, and it gets to work. There are three power modes: Eco, Standard, and Max, which offer varying amounts of suction, and there’s also a sustain button that keeps the vacuum running even if you let your finger off the trigger. It’s light and nimble enough to move just about anywhere in your house, and can even be used to vacuum ceilings and dusty ceiling fan blades.

RoboRock does recommend that you clean out more than just the dustbin on at least a monthly basis, which means you have to rinse the front filter, rear filter, and metal cyclone assembly and let them dry before using the vacuum. Accessing these components is easy and intuitive.

Following the great success of their robotic vacuum cleaners, Roborock bids on the cordless vacuum cleaners with their brand new H6. Roborock H6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Adapt takes Roborock’s experience building robot vacuums and applies it to a cordless stick vacuum, creating a new, more powerful cleaning solution with constant suction. One that can be used independently or as a companion to a robot vacuum.

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